Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Death Cult Collectivism

Ivan Danko: I do not understand this sport.
Art Ridzik: You're not supposed to. It's completely American.
Ivan Danko: We play baseball now in Soviet Union.
Art Ridzik: Are you kidding me? This is our national pastime! It'd be a helluva world series, though, wouldn't it?
Ivan Danko: We will win.
--Red Heat

Mises points out one of many problems with collectivist doctrine. Many groups, or collectives, exist. Commitment to one collective requires condemnation of other groups. Individuals are told to sacrifice their inner selves and fight for a particular collective ideal. One true state exists; others must be condemned.

As such, collectivist doctrines are "harbingers of irreconcilable hatred and war to the death."

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