Friday, October 28, 2016

Supporting the Unsupportable

President Bennett: It's the old Potomac two-step, Jack.
Jack Ryan: Sorry, Mr President, I don't dance.
--Clear and Present Danger

Judge Nap follows up on yesterday's comments, observing that President Obama has lied directly to the American people, as evidenced in a March 2015 CBS interview, that he did not know about Hillary Clinton's use of a private server for classified government email exchange. Of course, he certainly never expected subsequent information leaks that would challenge his statements.

The judge also notes that information continues to leak from Bureau agents who are furious that Clinton was not prosecuted. "The evidence for indictment and for [Clinton's] prosecution was, remains, and continues to be overwhelming."

That so many individuals appear willing to vote for a person attached to such an evidence trail, not to mention continue their support for the current head of a lawless administration, is a telling reflection of our current state of affairs.

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