Sunday, October 2, 2016

Faculty Voter Registration

All in all you're just 
Another brick in the wall
--Pink Floyd

Another study indicating the lack of political diversity in higher ed. Voter registrations records of over 7000 full time (tenured, emeritus, tenure track) faculty in five disciplines at 40 leading US universities found that 3623 were registered as Democrats and 314 were registered Republicans for an overall ratio of nearly 12:1.

Across the five disciplines examined, economics was the least biased at 'only' 4.5:1 while history 33.5:1 and journalism 20.0:1 were the most biased.

Institutionally, the only three universities under 4:1 are Ohio State, Case Western, and Pepperdine.

While such findings merely reinforce what is already known, those who believe that ideological diversity and tolerance should be the centerpiece of university environments should find the political bias in higher ed disturbing.

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