Monday, October 17, 2016

Hillarygate's Spreading Stench

"Now, if you're brief is right and it ever reaches the light of day, the president loses any chance of re-election. The men around the president won't let that happen."
--Gray Grantham (The Pelican Brief)

The stench of Hillarygate continues to spread. Newly released FBI documents indicate that a State Dept official sought to pressure FBI agents to change the classification on documents found on Hillary Clinton's private email server in exchange for desirable overseas assignments for the agents.

As Judge Nap observes, this could be viewed as obstruction of justice, tampering with evidence, or straight bribery.

Meanwhile, more fissures are forming among disgruntled agents over the Bureau's handling of the Clinton case. This piece lays out several of the violations of FBI protocol associated with the case and quotes former agents who verify that, had they committed acts similar to Clinton w.r.t. classified info, they would be in prison.

One suggested that Congress should subpoena the ~25 agents involved in the investigation to testify about the direction they received from Director Comey and other higher ups.

While this case may not bust wide open prior to the election, it seems increasingly difficult to see how the Hillarygate cover up will be maintained.

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