Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Localism and Anarchy

When it gets too much
I need to feel your touch
--Bryan Adams

Opposite of nationalism and globalism is localism and anarchy. Localism is the policy of treating one's local area as the proper sphere of political influence. It is marked by preference for products and decisions made in nearby areas. However, rather than being isolated from surrounding communities, localities become inextricably linked, primarily through trade, in order to procure resources to advance prosperity.

Anarchy is localism to the extreme. Anarchy is self rule--people governing themselves. It is marked not by people turning inwards in some anti-social manner. In fact, people must interact routinely in order to survive and prosper.

As anti-federalists and others have long recognized, localism and anarchy are antidotes to statism. The more localized the government, the smaller the state power and the greater the social power.

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