Thursday, April 6, 2017

Spying for Political Purpose

The deception with tact
Just what are you trying to say?
--The Fixx

Reiterating points made in yesterday's post, Judge Nap discusses the concepts of unmasking and leading and their criminality in the context of emerging Spygate news.

He adds that wrongful exposure of top secret material is the same crime committed by Hillary Clinton when she exposed top secret emails in non-secure venues. However, if allegations against former national security adviser Susan Rice are true, her crime is arguably worse. While Clinton appeared to have acted with gross negligence, Rice's behavior may have been intentional.

The judge argues that mass spying without cause for political purposes blows a hole in the Constitution, and is far worse than anything that the government of King George III did to the colonists.

King George's violations were deemed so heinous that the colonists declared their independence and fought a war to reclaim their rights.

What happens this time?

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