Saturday, April 29, 2017

Big, Bold, Simple

Took a ride, I went downtown
The streets were empty, there was no one around
To the place that we used to know
Been all the places that we used to go
--The Plimsouls

Rand Paul outlines some features of a big, bold, simple tax cut plan.

-->Cut corporate tax rates to 15% or less. Eliminate corporate deductions and loopholes. Make the tax simple.

-->Allow repatriation of capital held in foreign countries at a 6.5% tax rate. Direct tax revenue from repatriated capital into an infrastructure fund.

-->Cut taxes for all Americans. Eliminate 'revenue neutral' tax plans that merely shift taxes paid from one group to another.

As Paul submits, to truly 'drain the swamp,' money must be taken away from Washington and returned to the people.

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