Sunday, January 8, 2017

Replace With What?

In violent times
You shouldn't have to sell your soul
In black and white
They really, really ought to know
--Tears For Fears

Democrats chide Republicans for wanting to repeal Obamacare without presenting a replacement program. The reality, of course, is that plenty of alternative programs have been proposed by Republicans--but none are deemed acceptable by Democrats.

But the question of what to replace Obamacare with implies that there is an alternative form of socialized medicine that can be conjured to work better.

Fat chance, says Jacob Hornberger. All versions of socialized medicine predictably raise costs and prices, limit access, reduce quality and innovation, and ultimately chase capacity from the system. America's healthcare system has been in decline since the 1960s when the two major harbingers of socialized medicine in the US, Medicare and Medicaid, were born. Obamacare has merely exacerbated the problem.

The only long-term solution is to completely separate government from the healthcare system. Free market medicine is the alternative aligned with liberty and, by extension, prosperity.

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