Friday, January 6, 2017

Epic Work Out

Who can it be 
Knocking at my door?
Go away
Don't come 'round here no more
--Men At Work

One of the many 'gifts' that President Obama will pass along to the American people as part of his 'legacy' is a historic decline in workforce participation.

In the last BLS employment report issued during this president's tenure, a record 95+ million people are estimated to be out in the labor force.

The corresponding labor force participation rate of under 63% marks 35 year lows.

When more than 1/3 of adult labor is not working, trillions of dollars of production and, by extension, standard of living, are foregone.

"I presided over an economy where workforce non-participation has reached epic proportions. I'm now handing it over to you as part of my legacy."

Um, yeah. Thanks, dude.

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