Saturday, January 21, 2017

I'm Coming For You

Trim life shadows flicker and fall
But you still can't turn away
Get up and run before you stall
Before the edges fray
--Ric Ocasek

The wordsmiths have been dissecting the president's inaugural speech yesterday every which way. A central message was this: To the Establishment, particularly in Washington, that has been getting rich off of the system for years at the expense of the average citizen, I'm coming for you.

Words, of course, are cheap. But words like this spoken on inauguration day have rarely been heard in so direct of a manner. Should Trump deliver anywhere close to his promises here, then the days of many federal government bureaucrats are numbered.

This is why Trump is in the cross hairs of statists everywhere. He threatens their livelihood, and they will not sit idly while an outsider attempts to burn their playhouse down.

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