Saturday, November 12, 2016

Executive Power

"And, when the last law was down, and the Devil turned 'round on you, where would you hide, Roper, the laws all being flat?"
--Sir Thomas More (A Man for All Seasons)

Part of the post-election hysteria engulfing the Left can be interpreted as fear of the power that Donald Trump will be able to wield as president. Such a threat is very real. And, as Glenn Greenwald observes, the vast power that the president currently holds is something that the Left has facilitated.

As administrations before him have done, President Obama has extended his authority far beyond its constitutional limits. While they complained about executive overreach when President Bush was in office, Democrats were fine with such lawlessness when their party held the office.

As these pages have warned, when discretionary rule replaces rule of law, sooner or later you will be in trouble when your guy is replaced by someone with a different view of the world.

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