Friday, November 25, 2016

Using The Cyber

Ellsworth Toohey: Mr Roark, we're alone here. Why don't you tell me what you think of me in any words you wish.
Howard Roark: But I don't think of you.
--The Fountainhead

Jeff Tucker notes one encouraging practice of president-elect Trump thus far: his preference for speaking directly thru new technology media channels rather than indirectly thru traditional media outlets and 'journalists.' Trump has been doing more communicating thru YouTube and Twitter than thru newspapers, television networks, et al.

Yes, Trump is prone to bluntness and gaffs. But it should be obvious by now that the only people who mind this approach are intelligentsia and #NeverTrump types.

Trumps use of 'the cyber' bypasses the establishment to deliver messages to people in a manner that reduces possibility for media filtering and slant. This is refreshing and liberating.

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