Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Monetary Terrorists

"My counsel says we were not aware of the extermination of the millions. He would give you the excuse: We were only aware of the extermination of the hundreds. Does that make us any less guilty? Maybe we didn't know the details. But if we didn't know, it means we didn't want to know."
--Ernst Janning (Judgment at Nuremberg)

David Stockman suggests that Ben Bernanke and other central bankers are among the most dangerous men walking the earth. There are few places that these purveyors of monetary ruin will not ultimately impact.

Unfortunately, because they don't shoulder rifles or explode bombs, central bankers are not perceived as dangerous. However, the consequences of central banker actions surely do amount to aggression against the human rights (also known as property rights) of others. Their reach far exceeds that of any recognized terrorist group on the planet.

It should be noted, however, that central bankers are not principal actors. Instead, they are agents--hired guns--contracted by others to act in their favor. Stated differently, central bankers would not exist without principals who want to hire muscle.

As Stockman concludes, "when all of this blows sky high it is to be hoped that the war crimes tribunal in the Hague will see fit to expand its remit to include economic crimes against humanity."

If not here on earth, then the monetary terrorists--Bernanke and other central bank agents alongside their principals--will stand accountable during the ultimate tribunal to be held on Judgment Day.

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