Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Black Votes Matter

"And, Lenny, you would have saved the lives of millions of registered voters."
--Dr Peter Venkman (Ghostbusters)

Thomas Sowell observes that Democrats must pander to the fears, anger, and resentment of blacks in order to secure enough votes to win a presidential election. Should more than 10% of blacks turn their hats around and vote Republican or third party--or merely stay at home, then the likelihood of a Democratic victory declines appreciably.

Thus Democrats trot out the racism and victimhood cards, and the race baiting charlatans that promote them. Prof Williams notes (and Prof Sowell) that, while few would argue that racial discrimination exists, it is difficult to persuasively argue that racism is worse today than a few decades ago. It does not satisfactorily explain the deteriorating socioeconomic condition experienced by blacks over this period.

A more straightforward explanation of the plight of blacks involves destructive public policies, or what some have termed structural statism. Sowell and Williams posit that policies such as those related to welfare benefits and minimum wage laws explain socioeconomic trends among blacks in a straightforward manner--and in a manner that was predictable back when 'Great Society' and related legislation was enacted.

In fact, true 'institutional racism' can be seen in the policies promoted and implemented by Democrats that subsidize unproductive behavior and increase state dependency among blacks. These policies amount to bigotry that restrains the progress of a particular people.

If Democratic leaders were intellectually honest, then they would engage in a discussion of 'What else could it be?' What other factors might be contributing to black socioeconomic problems more so than the 'institutional racism' card that we propose?

Of course, Democrats can't afford to go down this path as it would lead to truth and likely defection of millions of black voters.

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