Thursday, June 2, 2016

IG Weighs In

Alice Russell: As someone sooner or later is bound to say, "Politics makes strange bedfellows."
Williams Russell: I was hoping it wouldn't be you.
--The Best Man

Judge Nap summarizes findings and suggests implications of a report issued by inspector general of the State Department after a year long investigation of former Secretary Hillary Clinton's email behavior. This report is separate from the ongoing criminal investigation of Clinton being conducted by the FBI. The IG report essentially refutes every defense made by Clinton regarding allegations that she mishandled state secrets.

Currently all agencies of the executive branch are required by law to have an IG with authority to investigate the department. Why didn't the IG at the State Dept conduct this investigation into Clinton during her tenure? Because, surprise, surprise, there was no IG in place during her tenure.

Hillary loves it up there above the law.

Separately, interesting piece by a former Bill Clinton political adviser and pollster suggesting that chances are growing that the Democratic Party ditches Hillary in favor of Joe Biden and, Elisabeth Warren, who, because she operates far left, would serve to appease the Bernie Sanders crowd likely to feel left high and dry by the move.

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