Saturday, June 11, 2016

Hate Speech

All my instincts
They return
And the grand facade
Soon will burn
--Peter Gabriel

Nice discussion of the folly of distinguishing between free speech and hate speech. Borrowing from Prof Haidt's sketches:

The above diagram suggests the oxymoronic nature of pairing a class of speech called 'free' with any other class of speech. Instead, as suggested by several contributors, better to use labels such as protected speech and banned speech. Or, per one contributor, orthodox speech and blasphemy.

Haidt suggests that, practically, two classes of speech do not stay cleanly separated. Instead, it looks like this:

Speech deemed to be 'hate' is at the discretion of the ideological group that does not like it and wished to control the language. Different groups, different views on what subset of speech is deemed hateful and should be banned.

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