Thursday, July 6, 2017

Off Script

Frank Horrigan: I've never worked with a female agent before. How many are there?
Lilly Raines: About 125.
Frank Horrigan: Mmm. Pure window dressing.
Lilly Raines: Excuse me?
Frank Horrigan: Window dressing. About 125 out of a little over 2,000. They have you all around so that the President can look good to his feminist voters.
Lilly Raines: Do you make an effort to be obnoxious, or is it a gift?
Frank Horrigan: It's a gift. Let's face it, half the things we do are window dressing. Take running alongside that limousine. It'd take an anti-tank missile to put a dent in that damn thing. But there we are, out for show, trying to make the President look more presidential.
--In the Line of Fire

Chris Rossini argues that a primary factor driving the rancor directed toward President Trump is Trump's refusal to play the institutional role of President of the United States.

The institution of The President has been under construction by statists for over one hundred years. According to the institutional script, The President is the ultimate in political correctness. An orator of lofty rhetoric. Compliant with rules of formality. A master of diplomacy. All actions reflective of a 'presidential' construct.

Trump's unconventional actions upset the institution. He is spontaneous. He is prone to outbursts. He tweets what he thinks. He is a rule breaker.

By refusing to kowtow to the presidential tradition, Trump is off script. This infuriates the architects of The President and their statist minions to no end.

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