Saturday, June 3, 2017

Climate for Change

Look in the mirror
And you see how you've been taken
You won't surrender
But now your heart is breakin'
--John Waite

A primary objective of the Left is to throw so much 'chaos' at the Trump administration that the president is so busy dodging blows that he can't get his agenda accomplished. The mainstream media narrative would like people to think that this strategy has been successful.

However, Trump has already delivered on several promises. Appointment of a supreme court justice is probably number one of the list. On his first full day in office, Trump pulled the US out of the Trans Pacific Partnership. He has also rolled back various regulations by executive order.

In his latest accomplishment, last week Trump withdrew the US from the Paris Accord. The Paris Accord is a non-binding agreement among nations to adopt 'clean energy' sources and reduce fossil fuel emissions in the context of the 'global warming' proposition.

Trump's rationale for leaving is that the agreement hinders US jobs and economic growth.

Of course, the president's move has left watermelon socialists aghast worldwide.

How can Trump simply withdraw the US from the Paris Accord by executive order? Because that's precisely how we got into it. Rather than submitting the agreement to Congress for approval, then President Barack Obama, per his constitutional authority regarding treaties, simply signed an executive order to commit the US to the agreement.

Because the agreement never went thru the legislative process on the way in, the previous president essentially empowered his successor to do the same on the way out.

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