Thursday, June 15, 2017

Catch of the Day.

Ellen Brody: What am I going to tell the kids?
Martin Brody: Tell them I'm going fishing.

As leftists appear to have moved over to the obstruction of justice pond, they might want to be careful about where they cast their lines and nets. Not only are these people increasingly seen as desperate and deranged political hacks, but by fishing in the obstruction pond they may well hook themselves.

In his congressional testimony last week, former FBI director James Comey claimed that Obama AG Lorretta Lynch sought to influence how the Bureau communicated with the public about the Hillary Clinton email investigation. Among other things, she told Comey to water down the Clinton investigation rhetoric and refer to it as simply a 'matter.'

Couple this with other actions, such as Lynch's now infamous tarmac meeting with Bill Clinton days before Comey publicly exonerated Hillary last summer, and you have the makings of a case that the Obama administration obstructed justice during last year's presidential campaign with Lynch acting as the point person to use law enforcement resources for political purposes rather than for purposes of justice.

Some legal experts, including Judge Nap, believe that enough evidence exists for a criminal investigation of Lynch into her involvement in the Clinton email investigation.

My sense is that the longer that Dems extend their fishing expedition, the greater the likelihood that they wind up as Catch of the Day.

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