Friday, May 12, 2017

Finding Yuri

"Tom is that one who saw you at Susan's. He's known about you all along, isn't that right? We do know what that means. If Commander Farrell is the man who was with Miss Atwell, then Commander Farrell is the man who killed Miss Atwell. And we know that the man who killed Miss Atwell is Yuri. Therefore, Commander Farrell IS Yuri, quod erat demonstrandum."
--Chief of Staff Scott Pritchard (No Way Out)

In the 1987 film No Way Out, the Secretary of Defense kills his mistress in a fit of jealous rage. His chief of staff concocts a scheme that accuses an imaginary Russian spy with code name 'Yuri' of the murder. Yuri is proposed to have used the mistress to access US military secrets.

The Secretary and his chief bring in a young navy commander to head an investigation. By dumb luck, it turns out that the commander was also having an affair with the mistress, and before long evidence emerges that could implicate him in the murder.

The conniving politicians celebrated their good fortune. Their cover-up might work. It appeared that there was a Yuri who could be blamed for the murder. Their fictional story was becoming fact.

Thirty years later, it seems like the Left is embracing a similar storyline. To divert attention from a political disaster, people on the Left seek to offload blame on a fictional Russian nemesis. A witch hunt is underway in search of a scapegoat. Maybe, just maybe, a Yuri will emerge.

Perhaps the Left should keep in mind that finding Yuri did not auger well for the antagonists on the silver screen.


katie ford hall said...

I don't understand why you think it's fictional, Matt. People from all political backgrounds are concerned about this. This deserves to be investigated independently. It certainly deserves more attention than that ginned up Benghazi fake scandal or the bazillions of dollars wasted trying to prove Bill Clinton was a murderer/rapist. In fact, a similar thing happened in France right before their election. Of course, they don't seemed quite as swayed by scintillating reality show scandal.

There is nothing to distract from. Trump lost the popular vote (bigly) and only pulled off a narrow victory in a few swing states that tipped the election. And given the way things are heading, I predict this "huge" victory is going to be quite short-lived.

One other thing - you are being way, way too broad and bogeyman sounding about "the Left." There is no secret society. That kind of categorization can lead down a dangerous path of dehumanization and of turning people who disagree with you into enemies. I think you've put the wrong people in a "bubble."

katie ford hall said...

By the way, I know I won't change your mind - just hoping to give you food for thought. I try to read points of view that differ from mine and usually end up learning something.