Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Slanting Lincoln's War

Take another look
Tell me, baby
Who's zooming who?
--Aretha Franklin

Driven by Trump remarks suggesting that better leadership might have prevented the Civil War, the mainstream media unleashed a flurry of pieces once again defending Lincoln's War as just. As 'proof,' journalists cited a bevy of leftist 'historians' who have concluded the inevitability of the Civil War expressly to abolish slavery.

Of course, the practice of quoting from like-minded pools of 'experts' is what motivated Groseclose to develop his slant quotient measure of media bias.

There is simply too much contradictory evidence for the "Lincoln had no choice but to fight the Civil War...and it was just...and it was all about slavery" thesis to fly.

Fly among well reasoned individuals, that is.

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