Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Evidence-Free Assertions

"And you call ME reckless?"
--Pete 'Maverick' Mitchell (Top Gun)

The 'Russia hacked the election' narrative has been repeated enough by the Clinton campaign, Obama administration, and their mainstream media lackeys that many people believe the mantra despite not a shred of evidence being provided to date that supports the assertion. Unfortunately, that has not restrained President Obama from publicly fingering Russian president Vladimir Putin's involvement and from vowing to retaliate against Russia using appropriate means at the appropriate time.

Issuing threats without a factual justification is an unwise strategy, particularly in international affairs.

Two congressman have now formally requested that the president brief Congress on the matter. Sadly, concrete evidence that implicates Russia has yet to be provided to Congress.

As stated in the letter:

"It is incumbent upon the executive branch to keep Congress apprised of hostile foreign actions in a timely manner, and once an allegation has been made public, it is reckless to allow evidence-free assertions to serve as Congress's and the public's only source of information."

The president's evidence-free assertions are grounded in one of two realities. One is that the president has been withholding vital information about hostile actions by a foreign country that should have been shared with Congress and the American people before leveling threats.

The other possibility is that the president has no concrete evidence.

Either way, the incoming president-elect could hardly exhibit more reckless behavior than that of the sitting president.

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