Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Force Versus Freedom

Into the blue again
After the money's gone
Once in a lifetime
Water flowing underground
--Talking Heads

Nick Gillespie believes that the two GOP presidential frontrunners deemed as 'anti-establishment' are, in reality, similar to the establishment candidates that they are beating. Essentially, he thinks that they both follow the tradition of authoritarianism that defines both the Democratic and Republican parties.

Despite his sense that, with the exit of Rand Paul, no one with libertarian ideology remains in the GOP race (to be fair, there is reason to believe that Ted Cruz appeals to some libertarians), Gillespie posits that the battle of ideas underway in the Republican Party pits authoritarianism versus libertarianism.

He cites the growing visibility of Rand Paul in the Senate and Thomas Massie in the House as examples of libertarian ideology on the ground in Washington. He also notes that polls continue to suggest ideas of freedom and non-aggression as gaining traction among the electorate.

The faces and times may be new but the clash is a familiar one: force versus freedom. Same as it ever was.

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