Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Winning, Politics, and Conscience

"Power is not a toy we give to good children. It is a weapon. And the strong man takes it and uses it. If you don't go down there and beat Joe Cantwell to the floor with this very dirty stick, then you've got no business in the big league. Because if you don't fight, the job is not for you. And it never will be."
--President Art Hockstader (The Best Man)

During the Bengals meltdown a few weeks back, I found myself pulling for the team despite many actions by players and fans that were obviously 'below the belt.' I was willing to overlook them, however, because I wanted the team to win so badly.

It was the human inclination to win no matter what. To be associated with a winner. To look the other way. To subscribe to the theory that the ends justify the means.

No place in life exhibits this tendency more than politics. I've heard it said to the effect that a person who enters politics should expect dirty play because, well, that's how it works. "Whatever it takes..."

Politics, it seems, can't be bothered with conscience. Present fields of candidates merely reflect that mindset.

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