Sunday, January 1, 2012

Slip Slidin' Away

We work our jobs
Collect our pay
Believe we're glidin' down the highway
When in fact we're slip slidin' away
--Paul Simon

2012 leads off with the president signing into law the NDAA act--despite his "serious reservations." Almost lost my lunch on that one...

The threat to liberty posed by this bill first birthed Thxgiving weekend is now reality. Due process, I knew thee well.

As we slip further into tyranny as we open 2012.


dgeorge12358 said...

86 Senators voted For the National Defense Authorization Act. Only 13 Senators voted Against, including Rand Paul.

dgeorge12358 said...

The Bill of Rights is there precisely because the founders wanted to set a very high bar for the government to overcome in order to deprive an individual of life or liberty.

To lower that bar is to endanger everyone.  When the bar is low enough to include political enemies, our descent into totalitarianism is virtually assured.
~Ron Paul