Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Big Government and Republicans

We are strong
No one can tell us we're wrong
Searching our hearts for so long
--Pat Benatar

Enjoyed this convo between the Judge and Jon Stewart. JS notes the hypocrisy among most Republican presidential candidates.

Of course, this is not news. Stewart suggests that the divergence between 'small govt' ideals and Republican party behavior has beengrowing for 40 years.

It has been a lot longer than that. In fact, the Repulican party was founded on a big gov't platform called the American System. The American System escalated under the Whig party precedent and became Lincoln's mantra in the election of 1860.

Yes, the Barry Goldwater years offered a rare detour toward small government ideals among Republicans. But the only elected Republican president in the 20th century that embodied the small government ideal in his behavior to a large degree was _____. (fill in the blank)

Nope, not Ronald Reagan. RR certainly waxed poetically about small government but acted otherwise when the rubber hit the road.

Instead, Calvin Coolidge was probably the most hands-off president of the 20th century.

As the Judge observes, there is only one Big Govt party today with two wings that are more the same than different.

There is only one candidate still in the race that differs...

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dgeorge12358 said...

To live under the American Constitution is the greatest political privilege that was ever accorded to the human race.
~Calvin Coolidge