Thursday, December 28, 2017

Political and Personal Immorality

"To want power is corruption already."
--President Art Hockstader (The Best Man)

Ron Paul suggests that recent revelations about sexual misconduct among members of Congress should not be surprising. Because the welfare-warfare state is itself immoral, the system is likely to attract those who behave immorally in their personal lives.

The welfare-warfare state depends on a stream of resources confiscated from its citizens thru systematic taxation and monetary debasement. Laws prevent people from living their lives as they choose. Force is constantly threatened against those who choose not to obey.

The warfare side of the state is, of course, violence out in the open for all to see. Deaths, including deaths of innocents, are inevitable. As our founding ancestors understood, establishment of a permanent warfare state quickly leads to loss of liberty.

It stands to reason that the people most likely to want to handle the controls of the immoral state apparatus are those who are immoral themselves.

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